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It was him!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Great Pumpkin.

And I saw him! I, Bugs Puggy, saw The Great Pumpkin!

It’s finally Fall, one of my four favorite seasons. Pumpkins and ghosts everywhere, fall MnMs, Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, Orange and Black candles, Glowing, black candelabras…you name it, I love it.

This is the fourth year I have set up my own mini pumpkin patch in the family room, with small, medium, and large pumpkins spread throughout the room.

I know there are other pumpkin patches out there, but I am sure mine is the most sincere. And now I have proof.

It was late one night (or early morning) when I woke up. And there he was. Glowing a soft, bright orange, and smiling through his gap toothed grin as he looked down at me from triangle eyes. I looked around, and all my favorite toys appeared around me. As my excitement grew, and I continued to circle around the room through my toys, a thought popped in my head.

A small seed of doubt. I thought The Great Pumpkin was supposed to bring new toys, not my old faborites (which are also good!). I looked back up at The Great Pumpkin as he sat on the chair, but the light was dim. His face nowhere as animated as just a moment ago. As he disappeared through the never, I called out “thank you for coming, Great Pumpkin, please stop by and see Linus. He’s waited long enough.”

You owe me Linus. Big.

Tank U Bugs


Dinner, tonight!

In my last post I made a plea to have something other than kibble for my meals, and was rewarded with a big plate of nachos.

To say thank you to my parents, I have decided to make them dinner tonight.

I considered serving them kibble, which is actually not bad tasting, provided you get a little variety once in a while. It’s something they don’t usually eat, so it would be a delicacy for them, right?

I thought it was a good idea, but Moonbeam, my kitty sister, said to trust her on this one. I saved her from the dreaded vacuum monster, so she owed me. She advised against the kibble. Maybe next time.

So I did some internet research, and found that hoomins like steak. Never had it myself, but then again I don’t get to choose my meals. It suggested I top the steak with sautéed mushrooms and a gorgonzola cheese sauce. I’ll serve with some warm sourdough bread and olive oil infused with garlic, thyme, and parmesan cheese as a dipping sauce, a salad, and peas on the side.

It’s supposed to look something like this:


I hope it comes out ok. Do you think these are good choices, or should I have trusted my instincts and went with kibble?

Tank U Bugs

Kibble for dinner.
Kibble for lunch.
Kibble for breakfast.
Kibble for brunch.

Kibble at every single meal, why can’t I have some…



Tank U Bugs

Well, we meet again.

And while you may have snuck around behind me and shot me in the butt, I didn’t cry. Nope, not me. Vaccine, you say. Good for me, you say. I think you enjoyed it a little too much.

And while you may have gotten the better of me this time, I escaped your evil veterinarian lair.

And I will be back…I don’t have a choice. My parents always drive me, no matter how much I struggle.

Tank U Bugs

So Moonbeam, my new baby kitty “sister,” came running up to me this afternoon and with a shaky voice pleaded “Help! Help! Save me! I need you to protect me!”

“Moonbeam, what is it?” I asked.

“You’ll never believe it,” she replied.

I didn’t believe her.

vacuum monster 3

After all, what kind of monster name is Hoover? Count Dracula, Frankenstein, these names inspire fear. “Hoover” sounds like something an odd cow might say.

But then as she described the situation more, I finally figured out what she meant.

vacuum monster

The vacuum cleaner!

vacuum monster 2

Now I admit I didn’t know its name was Hoover. I gotta give Moonbeam credit: I never got close enough to find out the monster’s name.

For years this monster has haunted me. So much so that I even sought professional help.

vacuum monster 6

Lately I’ve been reconsidering my relationship with the vacuum. It does make the most horrifying sounds, and scares me with its unpredictable movements and threatening proximity to my humans (I try to warn them and scare the monster away by barking furiously at it, eventually succeeding at driving it back to the closet). But I wonder about it. It has never actually hurt me or my humans, and for some reason it only seems to eat the crumbs off the floor that even I don’t want to eat. The floor is pretty clean after it leaves (I mean, after I scare it away). Maybe it’s not so bad after all.

vacuum monster 5

Or is it? Now that Moonbeam has met with my nemesis, I think it’s time I had a talk with this vacuum cleaner.

vacuum monster 4


It’s…behind me…isn’t it? Oh crap.

To be continued in the next blog…hopefully.

Tank U Bugs

So here it is Thursday, and the last few days have been crazy.

In Part 1, posted a few days ago, I described the arrival of something that looks to change my life. Mommy and Daddy brought home something cradled in a blanket, and I hadn’t seen them acting like this since they brought me home!

They said something about a new sister, so I was expecting them to bring my sister from my litter.


They set the blanket on the floor, and out came this:
kitten wp 1

So, as the title of this blog asks, what…is…it?

It’s Moonbeam, my new baby “sister”!

At first Moonbeam didn’t quite know what to make of me, and even tried to nurse at one point.

kitten wp 2

Having no luck with that, she settled in for a nap…


After a nice nap, I think we’ve reached an understanding, although she has a lot to learn about living here. I’ll show her the ropes, and maybe have a little fun with her along the way.

kitten wp 3

Tank U Bugs

It had been a quiet evening tonight. I was just relaxing at home, waiting for my parents to come home. They were a little later than usual, and I was getting hungry.

Suddenly the door opened. I jumped up, and ran to the door, tail wagging furiously. Dinner was home!

I barked excitedly, and then put on my best “I’m so hungry! Pleeeaaassseee feed me!” face. It works every time.

Well, almost every time. They seemed distracted, and mommy was carrying a small bundle of something wrapped in a blanket. Both daddy and mommy were staring down at the bundle, smiling and talking to it. Then they looked down to me. This was it!

But rather than feeding me, they started talking to me. “Bugs Puggy, would you like to met your new sister?” I came from a litter of eight, with one pug sister. And while it’s been a little time since I have seen her, I didn’t think that a small amount of time would change her from “my sister” to my “new” sister.

What was so new? Had she lost weight, changed fur color, adopted a new cult-like religion, grown a beard, what?

They lowered the bundle to the floor, and slowly removed the blanket. It was NOT my pug sister.

I certainly wasn’t expecting this.

What was it? Well, this post is getting a little long, and I need a little time to recover from the shock, so it will be continued in Part 2 this Thursday night.

Tank U Bugs

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